Welded Steel Pipe manufacturer in India

Steel pipes are round and hollow structures, which are seen in a variety of applications. A steel pipe is formed by casting raw steel in a workable form. This is followed by stretching it into a seamless tube or welding them together. These pipes have been in use in various places due to their strong built and versatile properties. They are widely seen in underground water and gas transportations, protecting electrical wiring, automobile manufacturing, refrigerators, etc. We are one of the top Steel Pipe manufacturers in India who focus on creating high-quality products at the most reasonable prices.

A seamless steel pipe is derived from billets, which are formed in round shapes. These billets are heated and cast over a rod, which is used to create a tube or a shell. Pipes produced by this method can withstand higher pressures as compared to other manufacturing processes. Cold or hot rolling processes can be employed to produce these seamless pipes. The hot rolled seamless steel pipe is cheaper to produce and is easy to work with. We are one of the few Seamless Pipe supplier in Kolkata that provides customized pipes, which can be grooved and cut as per your requirements.

A seam welded pipe is designed with a long, coiled ribbon of steel called skelp. This skelp will be cut in desired rectangular sheet, which will be the pipes outside circumference. These are then fed into rolling sheets forming the pipe. The erw welded pipe is formed without the requirement of a fusion metal. The seam, which is welded, cannot be felt or seen. All our products are produced using the best technology and raw materials. If you want to know, more about our steel pipes contact us.